About The Photography…

My first Brownie Hawkeye  sits proudly on the shelf with other relics of  past Photography .  The next generation and perhaps the current generation would have no idea how to use such a thing and sadly, probably can’t buy or develop the film.

I loved photography then and I love it still; but now I can combine THE EYE and THE CREATIVE JUICES.   To me the greatest invention of the century is Digital Photography.

The visions I see in my mind that I could never convince my hands to put on paper, now jump on the computer screen and encourage me to try my hand on creating the perfect image.

I had been a professional photographer in the 60’s and ran a small side business doing  restoration of old photos, but nothing gives me satisfaction as much as having just one customer….. me.

And now for the boring stuff….

JDLee….that’s me, born Judith Diane Finklestein and now I am Judy Lee.  My family calls my Jude.  I grew up in New Jersey and then lived many years in the Catskill Mountains of NY State.  I am happily retired and live in Florida where every day is summer and another photo opportunity.